I Am Unfit

Read John 1:19-28

John the Baptist today provides us with an excellent example of the humble servant. John was recognized by all as a saintly man, and as one whose life was committed to goodness and truth. He was certainly a prophet, speaking out against the moral injustice of his day. He did these things out of the conviction in his heart–and not for recognition or reward–something that no doubt surprised and confused the religious leadership in Jesus’ day.
They could only see John through their own distorted understanding of ministry and service. They thought to accuse Him of what they sought themselves–their own greatness and glory–and not God’s.
The Gospels make clear, that there were many who called themselves leaders, teachers, and rabbi, and enjoyed places of honor, but John (and Jesus) would have none of it.
John wanted but one thing, for people to hear his voice, to heed it and repent, that they might enjoy the eternal salvation promised to those who love not power, honor, glory, or titles, but God’s own Son, Jesus Christ.
John was not the Christ and made sure everyone knew where he stood, at the feet of our Lord, unworthy to untie His sandal straps.
Would that we might all, lay, religious, and especially the ordained, be mindful of John’s example of humble servant leadership, judge justly, speak truthfully, and point the way to Christ with the example of our lives.

By Deacon Stephen Valgos

2 comments on “I Am Unfit

  1. Hey Mr.Valgos!
    This is my first time on your website!! Its pretty awesome! I like this post and the insight you offer alot! These verses really reflect the beggining beatitude, “blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Beautifull Post!!
    Thank you for posting!
    Jimmy Clark

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