Teaching With Authority

This reflection is for the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B, 1/28/2018.

My son, Mark, and I spent a beautiful and meaningful day in San Francisco today. Today was the annual Walk For Life, and we joined thousands of others to proclaim boldly and with authority that every life matters–from womb to tomb. Black lives matter, white lives matter, and brown lives matter.

We live in an era that (by God’s grace) wants to speak up on behalf of the dignity of women, of minorities, of the disenfranchised, and those with no voice in the public square. And we should! And that’s amazing! And that is no doubt God’s work, but if outright slaughter of completely innocent children continues, then everything said on behalf of the weak, innocent, and voiceless is pure hypocrisy.

We must be consistent in our ethic of life. We must follow Jesus’ example of boldness toward the evil that we see, and courageously speak out against it! Every voice is welcome in the public forum and too many good people are not making their voices heard. In the name of politeness, or of minding one’s own business we have too often failed to exercise our constitutional right to gather and make our RELIGIOUS voices heard in the most important debates facing our nation. (Yes, it’s okay to be religious in this country. It’s also constitutionally guaranteed!)

I’m afraid that we’re not even beginning to tap into the power of God’s Spirit within us to make changes in our communities and world. This is such an amazing country that allows us to make our voice heard, and the Spirit of God empowers us to do so!

Good people don’t mind their own business when harm is being done. Good people stand up for others experiencing discrimination, isolation, and extermination. Good people Walk For Life. All life. Black life, white life, Christian life, Muslim life, women’s life, men’s life, incarcerated life, elderly life, disabled life, and unborn life. From whom to tomb, without exception be like God, be PRO LIFE.



By Deacon Stephen Valgos

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