Stephen, I just wanted to let you know that I had the opportunity to teach the seventh grade this year The Journey Begins, An Introduction to Jesus the Christ According to Matthew and John. It was such a wonderful experience and the students learned so much and were able to relate to gospels they were hearing or had heard before. I continue to believe your books for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade are essential for students to make the bible a part of their life. I am so excited that this year all three grades will be doing your series. Thank you for making them available to us. Continue the good work of spreading the gospel! You are an inspiration to many!
With gratitude, Elda
Sacred Heart Parish School, Turlock, CA
Stephen, The mission talk last night was really awesome.  I’m still smiling — and making phone calls to get more people there tonight.  I’m so excited to be a Catholic! Oh, did I say, Thank you!
Love, Suzanne
Sacred Heart Parish, Salinas, CA
Stephen, Thank you! We always look forward to Confirmation. Our teens just love you, they are asking if you will come back before the year ends. I think so. Thank you again.

Deborah A. Garcia~

M.D.S., Salinas
You gave a wonderful talk today and spoke nothing but the truth and my prayers are with you and my respects as well! You said everything perfect and I know for a fact you touched many hearts and souls today, thank you and thanks be to God! Thank you for sharing your personal stories and struggles, speaking personally, I know I have been in similar situations and struggles and am I am trying to live a chaste life for my future wide from here on out, but I still slip and I still fall, because I am weak, so I continue to pray.
Omar De La Cruz
O.L.A., Salinas

Dear Stephen,  I Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful meeting we had this last Monday. I really enjoyed it as well as my four-year-old son, it just left me speechless and just wanting to learn more about our religion. And it did to me what you said it would, it gave me that little shake: that wake up call. I’m looking forward to attending more these meetings you have planned for us.

Thank you again, Elizabeth Ruiz
Parishioner–Sacred Heart Parish, Salinas
Hi Stephen,  I am looking forward to the next meeting!  Many happy parents. I love it. You certainly are worth the money and I have shared the wonderful news with the staff.  Here’s to new beginnings!
God Bless, Mary Scattini
D.R.E. Sacred Heart Parish, Salinas
Thank you so much for opening my eyes to what Lent really is! It’s about becoming a better person, not suffering for the sake of suffering. Can’t wait to attend the next talk. You have truly inspired Willy and I, and I am sure you will make a huge difference in our community. Thanks again!
Dulce Cervantes
Parishioner, St. Joseph’s, Spreckels
*Thanks, Steve, for coming to talk to us about Confirmation! Without you I wouldn’t be affected and changed like I am today.  –Belle N.
*Thank you, Stephen Valgos, for sharing your love of Christ to me, for telling about your life, and spreading your love for everyone and everything. Thank you! You are the strongest person I’ve met and that made me stronger. Thank you for everything you taught today. –Guillermo
*Dear Steve, I would like to deeply thank you for letting me see and hear God through your eyes. These past few hours with you have made me realize how important it is to receive God, not because we “have to,” but because we want to. It’s really comforting to have someone tell you how much you’re really worth. I came in today thinking this would be boring, but now I’m coming out with something great…faith! –Arell P.
Confirmation Students, Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Modesto
Just can’t let another day go by without thanking you for your presentation on Sunday! A few of us remarked we could have stayed and listened all afternoon!! Many have emailed me and remarked how much they enjoyed it and how much they learned!! Thanks so much!
Lenten Blessings, Nic Bianchi
R.C.I.A. Dir., St. Joseph’s Parish, Spreckels
Dear Mr. Valgos, I know it has only been three months since I met you but I want to thank you for making me believe in God and revealing His existence. My parents always tell me that God exists, but what I’ve noticed is that it’s not always the message, but the messenger. I have gained a lot of faith, belief, and knowledge because of you. Thank you!
–Joshua B.
Confirmation Candidate, San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey
Stephen, It’s always a pleasure to hear you speak. You are so full of energy and the way you share God’s word…its contagious!!! I always enjoy hearing your presentations! Keep sharing the good news!
–Maria Teresa M.
Parishioner, Sacred Heart Parish, Salinas
Over and above the presentations, I enjoyed immensely our conversation between masses.  Your approach to teaching our young folks is awesome!! They and their parents need teachers and mentors such as you in these modern days.
–Bud Biery
Volunteer, Get On The Bus

Thank you, to you and to Jill for a Sunday spent inspiring others. You two are truly disciples of the new world and new Church Father John so beautifully spoke of yesterday. Your powerful words moved hearts to love, and those hearts reached out to help change lives.

–Susan Sterrett
Regional Director, Get On The Bus