Which of you wishing to construct a tower does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if there is enough for its completion? —Matthew 14:28

Audio CD’s and CD Sets 

All of the below CD sets or individual CD’s can be purchased as MP3 downloads if you prefer. MP3’s can be purchased as whole sets or as individual talks. MP3’s are on a donation basis. Donate what you feel moved to donate and distribute the talks generously! Please encourage others to stop by my site and make a donation as well! Thanks!

The Creed; The Profession of Faith ($35)

  • This is a set of nine CD’s that walk the Believer step by step through the Apostles Creed as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I explain the Church’s teachings that we have the capacity to know, encounter, and respond to God. If you are new to the faith or just need a refresher, this CD series is for you!
    • Talk 1: You Can Know God! Our Capacity For, Encounter With, and Response to God
    • Talk 2: We Believe In God, the Father, and Almighty Creator
    • Talk 3: We Believe In Jesus Christ, the Lord and Son of God
    • Talk 4: Jesus Was Conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit and Born of a Virgin
    • Talk 5: Jesus Suffered, Died, and Was Buried
    • Talk 6: Jesus Descended Into Hell, Rose Again, Ascended Into Heaven, and will return to Judge
    • Talk 7: We Believe in the Holy Spirit
    • Talk 8: We Believe in One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church
    • Talk 9: We Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins, the Resurrection of the Body, and Life Everlasting

Encountering God; The Sacraments of Faith ($35)

  • In this 8-hour lecture series, Stephen walks you through the Sacraments as taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, explaining with personal illustrations the fullness of the Church’s teachings on the ordinary way that Catholics encounter the very mystery of  God! The Sacraments are God’s amazing gift to us! God’s desire is that we come to know Him in the most intimate way. Never go through the motions again! Get this CD set today!
    • Talk 1: What Exactly Is A Sacrament? An Overview
    • Talk 2: Saved Through the Waters! Holy Baptim
    • Talk 3: Sealing the Deal; Our “Yes!” to God. Holy Confirmation
    • Talk 4: “Take and Eat. This Is My Body.” Holy Eucharist
    • Talk 5: “Father, Forgive Me, A Sinner!” Holy Reconciliation
    • Talk 6: “I Do…Forever!” Holy Matrimony
    • Talk 7: Serving the Faithful; Holy Orders
    • Talk 8: Almost Home With the Lord! The Anointing of the Sick

The Moral Life; The Foundations ($35)

  • This teaching on the foundations of the moral life summarizes the Church’s teachings as found in the C.C.C. It covers who we are created in the image of God, that good and bad, right and wrong can be known, the place of the Law, the gift of conscience, virtue, vice, society, and the role of the Church in the moral life. This is in-depth and comprehensive. You will enjoy this 8 hours of lecture on 8-CDs.
    • Talk 1: In God’s Image
    • Talk 2: The Morality of Human Acts
    • Talk 3: The Moral Conscience
    • Talk 4: The Life of Virtue
    • Talk 5: Naming Sin
    • Talk 6: The Human Community
    • Talk 7: The Law and Freedom
    • Talk 8: The Role of the Church

The Catholic Mass; With An Intro to the Bible ($35)

  • Vatican II called for “full, active, conscious, participation” by all the lay faithful during the Mass. But what is going on? What is the priest doing? Why do we stand, kneel, genuflect, and dip our fingers in water? The Mass is itself a mystery, but the actions that we do are not! The signs and symbols have great meaning. To fully appreciate the Mass we must know the symbols. This 8-CD set will help!
    • Talk 1: The Mass; Work of the Trinity
    • Talk 2: The Who, What, Where, and When of Catholic Worship
    • Talk 3: The Introductory Rites Explained
    • Talk 4: The Liturgy of the Word Explained
    • Talk 5: Introduction to the Old Testament
    • Talk 6: Introduction to the New Testament Gospels
    • Talk 7: Introduction to the New Testament Epistles
    • Talk 8: The Liturgy of the Eucharist and Concluding Rite Explained

Is Purgatory In the Bible?; Why We Believe In Purgatory ($7)

  • Most Catholics have heard of purgatory but don’t have any idea what it is or why we teach and believe it. Using Sacred Scripture, I provide a Biblical foundation for the truth of purgatory. Catholics caught unable to speak definitively about this subject need to hear this talk and then share this wonderful teaching to their family and friends.

The Season of Lent; It’s About Transformation (not chocolate) ($7)

  • The Season of Lent is a time when we reflect on our new life in Christ only to realize that we have not often taken advantage of the freedom won for us by Jesus’ passion and death. We repent in sackcloth and ashes, mourn our sinfulness, and the human condition, and make a concerted effort at transformation. This talk teaches about this season and helps to explain why it’s not at all about chocolate!

Jesus, Are You In There? Explaining the Eucharist ($7)

  • Using Scripture, Tradition and reason, I explain why the Church teaches that Jesus Christ is truly present, body, blood, soul and divinity, in the Eucharist. This is a must for anyone who has ever struggled to understand how Jesus could be truly present in spite of appearances!

The Confirmation Sponsor; A Guide On The Journey ($7)

  • It is an honor when God calls you to be a confirmation sponsor, but the role is far from honorary. In this CD I explain what confirmation sponsorship is all about and the great honor and responsibility it is to be a “guide” for another on the road to full Christian discipleship.

Where We Got the Bible; And why it belongs in the Church ($7)

  • The Bible did not simply fall from the sky! The members of a faith community, inspired by the Holy Spirit, shared those truths necessary for all men and women to spend eternity with God. Where we got the Bible is essential for appreciating its place in the Catholic Christian community. If you love the Bible, you will love this talk. Never be afraid of a Bible (or someone wielding it again!)

Catholic Social Justice; Creating A World We Can Live In ($7)

  • The Catholic Church calls each of her children to not just walk in Jesus’ footsteps, but also to help create a world that is modeled on the values and principles, inclusion and loving action that He taught. We must take Jesus into the world and demand that all of God’s children be given a voice and be treated with justice. This CD explains the eight pillars of Catholic Social Justice.

What Is Evangelism? Sharing God’s Love With Others ($7)

  • Isn’t evangelism something Protestants do? Not just Protestants, each and every disciple of Christ is called to share the love they have found by call on Jesus’ name and finding salvation in Him. Jesus doesn’t call everyone to go door-to-door but He does call each one of us to share His love and life with everyone we meet!

How To Keep The Christ In Christmas ($7)

  • This helpful CD will keep you focused on the REAL reason for the season as Christmas approaches. Don’t be distracted by the secular world, nor blame them for a lack of Christ in your Christmas! Keep Christ in your family’s Christmas by following the suggestions offered on this great CD!

The Sacrament of Reconciliation; Remaining Connected to Life & Love ($7)

  • GOD, not sin nor punishment is the starting point for the Sacrament of Reconciliation! Learn why we must remain connected to the source of life and love, and what our actions do to destroy the connection we have with God. Learn what sin is, what it does, and why we must confess to a priest who acts in the person of Christ!

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